Monday, September 8, 2014

Double Digits

so, i'm a little behind...
this darling boy of mine turned ten a few weeks ago.
10...double digits!!!

instead of a party...
he invited two good friends to stay at a local resort with us for the night.
{it was perfect.  two adjoining rooms.  they got to feel like they were "old"
and, we got a little peace and quiet. plus,
sissy and her friend stayed with them to keep them under control.  or tried to.}

they were so goofy.
swam all day.  the only time we saw them was to eat.

dinner was at rustler's roost...a local steak house located at the resort.

they ran all over the place.  there is a huge slide...a magician...a balloon guy...
and a big patio over looking the city.
{what more could you ask for?}

on his actual birthday...
he requested someburros and my chocolate cake.
troy, debbie, emerson, mimi and papa joined us for cake and ice cream.

and, since he is now a double digit kid...
we decided he needed an updated room.
we tried to surprise him with it...but, we ended up waiting for furniture delivery until 9pm!!!
oh well, he was partly surprised and loved it.
mr. c did an amazing job with most of the decorating.
{we picked the furniture together and i found the plaid bedspread...everything else was him.}

i can't believe my little boy is ten.
thank goodness he still cuddles with me and wants to be home with me.
he brings my heart so much happiness.

"i'll love you forever.
i'll like you for always.
as long as i'm living, my baby you'll be."