Tuesday, September 9, 2014

For the Love of Baking

while in nyc...
we visited the city bakery.
they are known for their pretzel croissants.
and, after tasting them - i know why they are known for them.
they were amazing.
soft, flaky croissant on the inside...
yummy, salty pretzel on the outside.

as soon as we got home, i began searching for the recipe.
and....i found it.

i had made croissants once before and knew what i was in for.
you really need to plan on two days to make them.
a butter block is made.
the dough is made.
wait an hour.
roll the two together.
wait an hour.
refrigerate for eight hours.
roll out dough.
shape croissants.
let rise.

but, those pretzel croissants were so heavenly...
i had to try them.

so, a couple of weekends ago...i attacked the project.
and, the time put in was soooo worth it.

the only bad thing?
we could not stop eating them!

i always love making homemade bread.
{all from scratch.  no bread machine here.}
i'm such a baking nerd...
i get giddy when i peak on my dough and see that it has risen
to a beautiful, soft pillow.
the entire process makes me very happy.
it makes our home smell fabulous.

baking is good for my soul.
{mr. c says it is not good for him...but, i beg to differ.  it's happy food.}