Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Race Season

i love this time of year in arizona.
the mornings and evenings have finally cooled off.
doors and windows open each morning...bringing in fresh air.
we put up with a long, hot summer...we deserve fall...
more than anyone!

cooler temps also mean race season.  there are fun runs and races every weekend.
this past weekend i ran a 10k for maggie's place.
{a home for unwed mothers.}
the course was one big {6.4 mile} loop around tempe town lake.
i loved it.
it wasn't too crowded...but, enough people to give the morning a
feeling of competition and celebration.
{292 people in the 10k}

i finished the race in 7th place in my age division with a 8:52 minute per mile pace.
not too bad for the first of the season.