Thursday, November 13, 2014


october has come and gone.
and, we had a few fun happenings during that beautiful month...

fall break lead us to hikes on south mountain and
touring cerretas chocolate company and downtown glendale.
{so fun. randi and i want to be chocolatiers!}

we happily celebrated equality for all in arizona.

i had a two week marathon of volunteer duties.
{i didn't mean for it to happen.  some dates I knew...others were thrown at me. but, everything i signed up for happened at once...including cade's class party.}

randi and i had fun planning the party...after perusing pinterest for snack and game ideas.

during those two weeks...
i had baking duties for homecoming {randi's school}, staff bday treats {randi's school},
staff conference treats {cade's school}, staff halloween treats {cade's school}, cade's class party, and making emerson's halloween costume {a dragon!}.

neighborhood tradition: trick or treating.
our group was smaller this year...some had parties to go wasn't the same.
{emerson joined us...but, i missed him in the picture}.
we picked out perfect pumpkins at the pumpkin patch {where randi's friend was volunteering}.
i didn't get a jack-o'-lantern picture this year.  but, it was the first year i didn't get stuck with the carving!  mr. c did cade's {phx cardinal logo} and randi managed on her own. :)
the day after halloween - i celebrated eleven happy years of marriage with this wonderful man.
we drove to flagstaff and stayed at a darling B&B for a couple of nights.
we had not been to flag in 20 years {or so}.  we loved it.
the downtown area was so cute...great restaurants, fun stores, awesome old buildings...
you know what was missing?
a bakery.
i think we need to buy a fabulous old house and open a bakery there.
what do you think mr. c?