Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Time

christmas has come and gone.
it was the best holiday season i have had in several years.
{mr. c felt the same way}.
the negative energy that has haunted us in the past was gone.
it was so nice!!
my only blue spot was not having my beautiful girl with me.
she spent christmas with her dad and family...
and, came back to us the day after.

here are a few moments from the season...

we spent an afternoon making/decorating cookies.
after inviting neighborhood kids to join us {cade, randi, and emerson}...
we had about ten little cookie chefs.
{i loved it}.

these two had some loving moments.
{decorating gingerbread men}.

randi and i hosted a mother/daughter - christmas open house.
we had one several years ago but, randi doesn't even remember it.
we have talked about hosting one for the past several years...but, this year we made it happen.
it was so fun and i loved the planning process with her.  she was so in to the food and decor.
all of her girlfriends attended with their was fun to see them dressed up and interacting with each other.  most of my my friends were able to attend, as well as,
my mom and sister in law {debbie}.
it was so much fun.
we have decided to make it an annual event.

this little girl "helped" me wrap gifts.

some how i am the mom in charge of all of cade's class parties.
{, maybe i want to be.  and, maybe i love it}.
we decided to have a breakfast party.
kids could wear jammies and have donuts.
they played a white elephant exchange with candy and
we ended the morning with snowball fight!!

lots and lots of baking was done during the month of december.
{peppermint sugar cookies}

we spent an evening at the zoo checking out the zoo lights.  the kids and i took our neighbor friends {andrew and maddie} with us.
it was beautiful and fun to walk around with hot cocoa.

some other christmas time highlights:

*spending the weekend after thanksgiving decorating the house.  we decorated very little last year so, it was fun to go full out this year.

*spending an evening with kami {randi's other mom} and lynette {her mom}, my mom and randi. we had dinner and attended the play - mary poppins.  our open house was the next day so, they were able to attend.

*taking cade and emerson to see the toy train displays.

*christmas eve at my parent's house...enjoying my nana's enchiladas.
and...knowing my cousins were doing the same thing.

*christmas parents arriving early to watch cade open presents and have breakfast with us... a late morning bike ride with mr. c... hosting christmas dinner at our house
with my family joining us.

it was such a wonderful holiday season.  i was relaxed...happy...grateful.
my heart was full of love.