Monday, January 5, 2015


cade and connor

these two are like book ends.
{a blond - blue eyed one and a brunette - brown eyed one}.
they love sports...they sound like two old men when they get to
talking about teams, players, games, etc.

they never fight.
they always laugh.

although they have so much in common...there family dynamics are different.
connor has a loving family unit - minus a dad.
therefore, he loves mr. c and, in return, mr. c has a special place in his heart for him.

on christmas eve, we delivered cookies to friends.
we made a delivery to connor and his family...but, cade and mr. c had an extra gift for connor.
the kid is a huge 49er fan and...
my boys gave him a 49er helmet.
he was so excited!
they were getting ready to head out for church but, he stuck that helmet on and said,
"can i wear it to church?".

his mom pulled me aside and said, "i can't believe you guys did this!".
i assured her it was the boys' doing.
with tears in her eyes she thanked me.
i told her how special connor is to us - especially cade and mr. c.

i received a text from her about 45 minutes after we left.
thanking me again....
telling me how excited connor was...he said,
"i can't believe i found my best friend for life".