Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

i'm very behind in posting...and, with the start of the new year - i hope to be better. but, before i get into the new year is thanksgiving {in a nutshell}.

 we spent the day at mimi and papa's.  mr. c made the turkey and i made rolls and pies.
it was nice...mellow...perfect.
the kids and i watched the parade that morning.
that evening, all four of us picked up the newest member of our family...
meet miss mia rose.
she is a teacup yorkie born october 2, 2014.
she has stolen our hearts!
i have to admit...although i was the one saying "no" to the idea of a dog...
i adore her.
the first few weeks were a little rough since i was the one getting up with her during the night and trying to train her during the day...but, she is doing much better and
sleeps through the night in her crate.
{it was like having a baby again!}

it was a wonderful thanksgiving and i am one very lucky, thankful girl.