Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Birthdays, Baseball and Boobs

time flies whether you are having fun or not!
i can't believe it is almost april and i haven't blogged since new year's.

the pages of life just keep on turning.

let me work backwards...

32 versus 42

at 32, i made the decision to get implants.
it was one of those decisions made out of desperation.
a choice i swore i would never make.
never say never.
my body is weird.
after my pregnancies i am smaller than i was before pregnancy.
i do not gain a great deal of weight...
{20-22 pounds with each}.

however, during those 9 months my boobs get VERY full.
by the time my babies came i was filled to the max with milk.
so much so, that my doctor actually referred to my room as the "dairy"
{not funny} and the NICU nurses thought i had a enough milk to feed all of the babies.
you take quick weight loss with post nursing/pumping {huge} boobs and
you get...
lots of hanging, lose skin.
in the exact place that boobs should be.

after coming home in tears one day because i could not find a bra to fit my "skin"
i declared i wanted a boob job.
mr. c was hesitant.
but, i was definite.

i had them done march 2005.
i have never regretted them for a moment.
december 31st. 2014.
i woke up to a deflated boob.
i had saline.
therefore, it was a quick, harmless leak.
since it was a holiday weekend, i was not able to talk to my surgeon for several days.
i was freaking out.
until, i talked to her.
she said it tends to happen around the 10 year mark...
but, sometimes - never.
she assured me this surgery would be less painful.  easy.  quick recovery.
they have made such great improvements in the past decade...it will be a good thing.
she was wrong.
kind of.
my right side was the deflated side.
but, she had to do lots of internal stitching along my left side.
i woke up in recovery with enormous pain.
{and, i have a pretty high pain tolerance}.
i didn't even bother filling my pain medication because, i usually do not
need it and i don't like taking it.
well, the nurse assured mr. c that i was going to need it.
what was supposed to be a three week recovery was a two month recovery.
{i was dying}.
i'm finally back to my old self, however, i did lots of thinking over the past sixty days.
i knew that if anything went wrong i would be done...
i would take them out and live with deformed boobs {that's what happens to them}.
at 42 my priorities are different than at 32.
at 32 i didn't do much research.
i just wanted to look good and feel sexy.
at 42 i would do lots of research and know that being healthy and being strong is more important...
because feeling good is sexy.

the very sexy mr. c
hit the field again as a fantasy baseball camper.

it is such a fun week for him
and i LOVE watching him play.
he has such a genuine love for the game...
it seeps out of him...especially on the field.
the fellow campers are great people and the camaraderie is awesome.
i hope he continues to take this time for himself.

mr. c and i both celebrated birthdays in february.
{51 and 42}

for mr. c's - we enjoyed an italian dinner out
and homemade chocolate cake at home.
my day started with a wonderful hike with my friend, erma...
lunch with my mom...
dinner at pita jungle and dessert {from sprout's} at parent's house.