Tuesday, March 24, 2015

NFL and Boys

the Super Bowl came to phoenix this year.  
it is not my favorite thing...
the crowds, the traffic, all the visitors...ugh!
the boys in my house were pretty excited.
especially, the younger one.

not only was the super bowl here but, with it came the nfl experience.
and, cade was lucky enough to go three times!!!

his bff, connor invited him to go.
while there, they received free tickets for the next day and 
his mom wanted to take them again.
after hearing cade talk about it...
mr. c wanted to check it out so, he took both boys the next day.
three days in a row!

this was the highlight...
kurt warner stopped to say hi and take a picture!!

russell wilson is his man.

a bath full of skittles...he's in heaven!