Tuesday, March 24, 2015


as i'm trying to play catch up...
here is a little taste of happenings over the past couple of months:

my amazing brother was invited, once again, to the celebration of fine art.
i am so proud of him.
he is an incredible artist...
and an even more incredible person.

i have become completely obsessed with south mountain.
it is a desert highway of beautiful trails.
it is invigorating to run the trails yet, peaceful to be in their presence.

randi met and had a book signed by keegan allen.
{a favorite actor}.

these cute boys {and cute puppy}
soaked in the sunshine while reading...
after playing in the sprinklers!

have i mentioned how much i love south mountain?

we had roof rats.
we could hear stuart {not so} little scurrying around in our attic.
when he chewed through our cable wires and made our tvs go out...
that was the last straw.
we had a critter ritter company come out and set traps.
they never caught one...
but, our home is now sealed up and they are gone!

the desert highway that i love.