Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life Lately

on march 28th i competed in the south mountain classic.
it is a 20k {12.4 miles} up and down the hills of south mountain.
since i am doing the santa barbara/wine country half marathon in may...
i thought it would be a good training run.
when i arrived, there were a large handful of serious runners.
{i questioned my sanity at that moment}.
then these runners began talking about the hills on this course.
hills. like, lots of hills.
{i really questioned my sanity}.
the hills just about did me in.
however, i finished with a time of 1:52 and ended up placing 3rd in my age group!!!

my amazing brother finished up with his showing at
celebration of fine arts in scottsdale.
he is truly amazing.
incredibly talented.
simply, a great person.

i'm a little obsessed with my bird feeders.
our backyard is full of happy little chirpers.
hummingbirds, golden finches, and some other pretty green and red ones.
{i need to learn the names}!
i don't think my crazy neighbor appreciates the few doves and pigeons that visit though.

easter arrived with much happiness.
we died eggs...

and enjoyed the annual egg hunt and gift exchange at mimi and papa's.
{cade found the golden egg this year}!!

i have wanted to see this show for a few years now.
i finally got to go with my mom and randi.
i had the privilege of sitting next to an 86 year old man
who had his own big band in high school - during WWII.
i loved it.
but, i loved it even more because i got to share the genuine
love and enthusiasm of the era and music with this gentleman.
it confirmed the fact that i was born in the wrong era.

my dear friend, erma, had a birthday last week.
she is going to NYC next week so, i wanted to
make these pretzel croissants for her.
{similar to those at city bakery in NYC}.
since i made 2 dozen, i had enough to share with friends and family.
i think they were a hit. :)

erma started her bday off with a fun, talk filled walk/run at kiwanas with me.
she is my fellow baker and runner...
and non-fryer friend.

randi and i got to attend a book reading and meet/greet with
diane keaton!
she was amazing.
funny, down to earth, beautiful, and empowering.

randi's latest and greatest...
she wants to be a surgeon.
{she is obsessed with the show Grey's Anatomy}.
recently, she took a field trip to the cadaver lab at Grand Canyon Univ.
she was so excited and loved it!!!