Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Giants, Bike Rides, and Yachts

in june, mr. c and i jetted over to san francisco {one of our favorite cities}.
we had the opportunity to cruise through the bay on a yacht and then attend the d'back/giants game with fellow dback fantasy campers.
{the owner of the yacht is a camper and owns a vineyard in napa}.
unfortunately, i did not get any pictures of the yacht...
but, this is us on it!
{i know. you can't see a thing.  it was very foggy}.

and...we rode bikes across the golden gate.  it was awesome!
we rode the bikes from union square, across the bridge and back.
{with a pit stop on the wharf for some chowder}!

it was really cool to tour around the bay and see the guys in the kayaks waiting for foul balls.
we have been to this stadium before...it is one of mr. c's favorites.
{fun game and experience. but, it was freezing.  what is the old saying? "coldest winter i ever had was the summer in san francisco"?  something like that}.

one morning, while mr. c was getting a massage, i took off on a 10 mile run
around this magnificent city!  i came across a farmer's market with the most colorful fruits, veggies, flowers and drinks.  i loved it.
{and, beautiful, colorful flags throughout the city}.
and, this guy at the embarcadero is always there.  at least, he is always there when we have visited.

it was a perfect, long weekend.
i love traveling with mr. c and having him all to myself.
and, as always, a huge thanks to mimi and papa for taking care of my babies. :)