Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015

poor puppy.
this was her first taste of the beach.
she didn't love it.

in july we loaded up the kids and dog and drove to huntington beach, ca.
we stayed in the surfer town for one night before
checking into our beach house in laguna.
{we walked mia to the dog beach in huntington.  she didn't care for the water or playing with the other dogs. we swear she doesn't know she's a dog}!

she may not have liked the beach but, she loved being with us!
{deck of our beach house. we were across the street from 1,000 steps beach}.

walking one of the many piers.

we made it to an angels/redsox game.
our friend, mike b., got us field fun!
the dark skies creeped in and they covered the field.
then, the rain came and they delayed the game.
then, the rain kept coming so they called it a rainout...
first time in 20 YEARS!!!

this pretty girl and i attended a 5 seconds of summer concert
{while the boys went shopping}.
it was a great concert and her smile made every minute worth it.

we did lots of shopping and rode the trolley in to downtown laguna.

beautiful sunset...
the ocean is so magical and i absolutely love it.
every morning we could see dolphins playing from the deck.
in fact, our first night..
we headed down to the beach and as we were swimming...
a few dolphins were playing right along with us!

we did disneyland.
{randi's favorite place in the world}.
although it was crowded {we spent hours in lines},
and not exactly my cup of tea...
we had a great time.
randi knew all the ins and outs and maneuvered us through lines and fast passes.
we were able to get reservations at the restaurant in pirates of the caribbean
and hit every major ride.
it was fun to watch the kids.
cade turned a page in his life as he rode all the roller coasters {and thought they were FUN}!

 these boys of mine...
have my heart forever.
cade wanted to skim board and mr. c patiently taught him.
{cade could hang on the beach every day...a kid after my own heart.
randi?  needs a few days of city and shopping}.

on our last full day in the laguna area
we took a ferry to catalina island.
{this was probably our least favorite thing}.
the waters were beautiful!
but, it was a tourist trap and we were stuck there all day b/c of the ferry schedule}.

we ended our trip in san diego where mia had a personal greeting.
{in huntington and sd - we stayed at kimptons... they are very dog friendly}.
we stayed in the gas lamp district {not the place to stay with kids}
but, the shopping and restaurants were great.
we also spent one full day at the
after spending two days in sd - we decided to call it a wrap and we headed home a day early.
{we had already been gone 11 days}.
we weren't sleeping all that well and...
we just missed home.

it was a GREAT trip.
i loved sharing the time with my loves and learning new things about each of them.
{the family dynamics are so interesting as the kids grow.  randi is more like mr. c and he handles her beautifully...where as cade is like me}.
and, the added bonus was having miss mia greet us every time we entered the door!