Thursday, October 1, 2015

August Birthdays

today is october 1st.
and, the last 100 degree day.
{i just know it. it has to be. right?}

although august and september have come and gone...
we celebrated two amazing people.

first up...cade!
my sweet boy turned 11.

{this was a fun and easy cake to make. thank you, pinterest}.

to celebrate, we had about 14 boys at airworx.
{they are not all pictured because they were chasing girls}.
i'm pretty sure they had a blast.
they jumped and ran and played for three hours.

although he is growing up, he is still my baby.
{and, i remind him daily that even when he is 30 - he will be my baby}.
i am so blessed to have this sweet person in my life.  he still likes to cuddle and read together every night. he is sensitive and does not like to be in trouble.  

he loves sports and playing mine craft.
he drives me crazy and melts my heart...all within five minutes.

next mom!
she turned 70!
it is absolutely crazy to me that she is 70.
{probably because she does not look or act her age}!
when i told cade that mimi was turning 70 - he didn't believe me.
truly thought i was lying.

we had a family dinner at our home where we showered her in love and yummy food!

she requested mr. c's fillet.
we accompanied that with homemade baguettes, grilled fish, salad, fruit, and
nutella cream pies for dessert.
my beautiful mama.
she is amazing.
i know people fling out that phrase, "so and so is amazing".
however, she truly is amazing.
one of a kind.
she has handled the trials and tribulations that life has thrown her with
huge strength and courage.
she does not back down from the world...she attacks the world.
she taught us to be our own person and not judge others.
she taught me the importance of an education.
she loves me.
she believes in me.
she encourages me.
and, i hope i am passing all that love on to my kids.
and, i hope she knows how grateful i am for her...
and, i think she is pretty damn great.