Thursday, October 1, 2015

First Day of School 2015

i'm not so great about getting first day of school photos.
i may be better if my kids actually liked taking first day of school photos.
cade REALLY didn't want pictures taken.
{this was taken in about .02 seconds}.
and, when i told him his eyes were closed...he didn't care.
{randi would have at least wanted a do-over}.

cade started 5th grade and has the teacher he wanted.
{he is an AWESOME teacher}.

so far, so good. he is a good student and does well.  he doesn't love doing homework but, he really doesn't like to, he always gets it done.
i think he likes being the oldest in the school...the top dogs.

this sweet girl started 10th grade.
sophmore year.
she really likes school and does well.
she is a beautifully, gifted writer.
{she is currently taking a writing course with an asu professor.  the professor told her the other day that she writes like a female Hemingway}.
although she is interested in writing and journalism...she also wants to be a surgeon!

i know it is already october...
but, here's to a great year!!