Friday, January 22, 2016

Being a Rock Star

{me and my fellow rockstar}

often times i remind my kids that their mother is a rock star.
{this is usually followed by groans or laughs}.
i even, at times, include them in the rock stardom because, they are, in fact, rock stars too.
but, they are rock stars in training.

i am much more of a rock star than i was as a kid.
and way more of a rock star than i was in my twenties...or, even thirties.
i am a forty something rock star. and. proud of it.

sure my vision is beginning to blur {just a tiny bit}.
and, maybe the wrinkles beneath and around my eyes are becoming more pronounced.
and, quite possibly i have been known to stick my head in the freezer when a
hot flash attacks my body...
but, i am a rock star none the less.

i can out run my twenty-five year old self...
out laugh my 31 year old self...
and find the lost confidence in my 42 year old self.

i'm lucky to have fellow rock stars in my life.  those awesome people who inspire me, teach me, laugh with me, cry with me to be me.
{and, hopefully i reciprocate}.
some are older {they are the true rock stars...earning their stars}.
a few are younger.
some have a house full of precious children and some have none.
some have great professions and amaze me with their knowledge and ethics.
some stay, running kids, cooking.
some i get to see often, while others live in far away places.

i know to my 70 year old rock stars...i have a ways to go.
but, i look forward to the journey.  i'll take the extra wrinkles, additional hot flashes, and all that goes with the age {not necessarily happily. but, i'll take it}.
as long as i get to continue being a rock star and my 82 year old self can look back fondly
at my 42 year old self.

{picture: me and erma during our 6 mile - in two hours - hike today.  we can conquer the world in those two hours. solve all the problems and relish in our rock stardom}.

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