Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Just Like Sunday Dinner

{young mr. c...circa 1984ish}

mr. c is a baseball player.  always has been and always will be.
it's rooted deep in his heart.
he played through high school, college and was drafted twice.
he played on a league when i met him and i fell harder in love watching him play.

he doesn't play as often aches and pains are creeping up on him.
but, every year {for the past five years} he plays for a week at the az diamondback fantasy camp.
he loves it. he can't move by the end of the week but, it is the greatest week for him.

the coaches of the camp are former dback greats.
{gonzo, gracey, fetters, williams, etc}
the campers are fun, genuine people who come from all over the country.
male, female, retired, still working, former college players, former little leaguers...
all walks of life come together for this week.
but, they have one great common thread. baseball.

every year i go out to watch several games.  the kids have attended several, as well.
randi can't {won't} miss school anymore but, cade still goes out with me.
he loves it almost as much as mr. c.
we attended four games last week.  when we arrived the coaches and campers greeted us with smiles and warm hugs.  cade was asked to be bat boy for both teams.  needless to say, he was in heaven.  mr. c said everyone approached him for the rest of the week saying what a great boy cade is and how much he helped.  needless to say, mr. c was in heaven.

on the final day, i headed back up there {minus children. thank you mimi and papa}.
every year the week wraps up with a nice dinner/banquet at the resort.
lots of mingling, laughs, cheers and awards.
for the second time, mr. c received a mvp award.  he was touted as being a great player, leader and good guy. and...he made it through the week without an injury. {this was a first}.
my soul beams as i listen to everyone tell him how wonderful he is.

for the past few years, a camper award has been given.
the recipient this year was a very nice woman who has attended the camp since day one.
her enthusiasm for the camp is contagious.  you can't help but smile when you listen to her talk about her experiences.  during her acceptance speech {which she was very nervous about} she said she is often asked about the camp. her reply, "the best way for me to describe this week is like sunday dinner.  we are a big family.  you meet for sunday dinner and you laugh, you harass and pick on each other but, you are there for each other".
my eyes got a little misty. what a perfect analogy.
it truly is a great week and a fantastic group of people.  it's just like a big hug at sunday dinner.

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