Thursday, January 7, 2016

Out With The New - In With The Old

happy 2016.
happy resolutions.

once again, i plan to blog more.
and to help inspire me, i changed the look of my blog.
{after watching countless tutorials.  computer savvy - i am not}.

simplicity is the theme for 2016.
after making the decision {several weeks ago}
to forgo instagram {and all social media...except blogging.  is that social media?}...
i decided i needed to spend more time doing things old school.
 for example:
scrap booking. actual pictures. on paper. in albums.
journal writing.  pen to paper.
sewing. i have so many unfinished projects.
and. my favorite. more baking.

why give up the social media aspect of life?
because.  what is the point?
nobody needs to know what i made today or what my kids are doing.
i miss the days of meeting a friend for lunch and actually catching up.
and, after getting in a debate with a family member {on instagram}...
i decided the whole thing was ridiculous...for me.
will i still peak at instagram {the only form of social media i'm on}?
yes. {i need to check on my kids}.
and, i will blog.  hopefully, several times a week.
but, other than that...
i will be living in the moment.
happy as can be...
writing, scrapbooking, sewing, and baking
to my heart's content.

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