Monday, January 25, 2016

Sparks of Joy

{two of my sparks of joy}

for christmas, randi gave me a wonderful journal.
it is dated and only gives you a few lines to write.  however, you are to write down the things that brought you joy that day. i love it! i  started january 1st and haven't missed a day. at the end of each day, i take a couple of minutes to jot down the joyful moments...leaving my mind happy and joyful as i drift off to dream land.

here are a few sparks of joy from the past week:
*having a relaxing monday morning. no school. no rush. even mr. c hung out for a while. at one point, we were all cuddled in bed deciding what we should do for the day.
*getting my hair done.  {there are few things better than a fresh color and blow out}.
*trying new recipes. {sweet potato burgers and vegan chocolate chip cookies.  both were amazing}.
*going to the theatre with my mom. {calendar girls at phoenix theatre. fabulous}.
*watching downton abbey with randi.
*hiking with my dear friend.
*watching cade make a touchdown at his game.
*running the color run.

here's to a new week full of joy!

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