Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Future

oh, this girl.
she received her permit in November and wants to drive everywhere now.
{the actual license comes in may}.

although this teenager of mine drives me crazy at times...
i could not be more proud of her.
she is a remarkable young woman.
she is the true vision of our future.
and, because of her...i believe in our future.

her highlight of this week?
watching the state of the union.
{i'm dead serious}.
she was appalled to learn most of her friends and classmates
didn't know what the state of the union was.
the following day, she asked her best friend if she watched it and she said,
"for a few minutes.  it was funny when he talked about bin laden -
since that was the only thing he did during his presidency".
that did not settle well with randi.
her response,
"do you know anything about him or what he has done?
what he has done for our economy? healthcare? human rights?"
needless to say, her poor friend just looked at her with a blank face.
when randi was retelling this conversation to me she said,
"it makes me so angry when people spout off about things they know nothing about.  they have just heard their parents talking about it and decide it's right.  i mean, no offense but, i don't care what you believe.  i'm going to decide on my own.
i'm so glad you told me a long time ago to research my argument before i start talking".
{wait. that means she actually listens to me}.

she is so strong willed.
every night at dinner she is on some soap box.
{sometimes we have to tell her to bring it down a notch}.
she reads and reads and reads.
and debates, debates, debates.
she is a social activist ready to tackle the world.
{but, is the world ready}?

with all the doom and gloom that certain political leaders and parties are spewing at us...
i find a refreshing light in our youth.
i believe in them.
they see what so many do not see.
{and, won't see}.
they know that everyone is equal and should be treated as so.
they know we need to save our planet and climate change is real.
they know everyone should be allowed to receive an affordable education and healthcare.
they know {and understand} the future of technology.
and although they get a bad rap...they know how to communicate.
{it's just different than how we did it}.
and, they are not afraid.
they are not buying in to the fear mongers.
they are not afraid of god or government.
the world is not coming to an end.

i love watching her grow.
i can't wait to see what the world has in store for her.
or better yet, what she has in store for the world!

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