Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dinner Time

these pictures do not have a whole lot to do with my post...
other than the fact that it is food.

{photo from my birthday dinner with my fabulous family last friday night.  we went to federal pizza...where the food and service were great. the arancini appetizer was amazing}.

now, down to business...
each week, i write out a weekly dinner menu.
i usually write it out on saturday or sunday and then head to the grocery store.
{this keeps me from having to run to the store during the week to get last minute items}.
sometimes i'm nice and, ask the kids and mr. c if they have any request.  :)

i try and keep evening practices and events in mind as i'm making the menu.
{for example, if i'm not going to be home - i make a crock pot meal}.

every once in a while, the menu gets altered.
{this happens when mr. c calls around 12 and says he wants to grill something}.

here is my menu for this week:
{most recipes are from pinterest.  click on the dish to see the recipe}.

monday:  crock pot potato soup and salad

tuesday:  spinach and cheese enchiladas, black beans and avocado salad
{tortillas purchased from food city.  they are made fresh daily}.

wednesday:  tortellini in lemon cream sauce with asparagus, homemade baguette, salad
{this will be a great dish to use up those locally grown lemons...that are everywhere right now}.

thursday:  stir fry, homemade egg rolls
{veggie and chicken stir fry...i like trader joe's teriyaki sauce with
ramen noodles or brown rice}.

friday:  homemade pizza, salad
{i am on a quest to find the best dough recipe.  when i find it...i will gladly share}!

a few things about our dinners:

i love making breads and have found the best luck with the new artisan bread in five minutes a day.
you make enough dough to have fresh bread several times a week.

we always have a salad or veggie with our meals.

my daughter and i are vegetarian, however, i prepare chicken dishes for my boys one or twice a week.  i make a lot of protein rich dinners with beans, whole grains, green veggies.


we must not forget the yummy ending to a great meal.
since i'm a baker, i typically have cookies or something yummy prepared.
but, because i do not always have time and, because mr. c and randi have quite the sweet tooth...
we always have ice cream, sherbet, or fudge bars in the freezer.
{we are fans of skinny cow products}.

{photo:  my birthday dessert the other night...churn.
seriously, the best ice cream shop in the valley}.

happy cooking!!

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