Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Flagstaff, AZ

a few days ago, mr. c and i headed up north to one of our favorite b&b's.
the inn at 410.
thanks to mimi and papa, we were able to leave around noon on friday and play
{kid free} until sunday.

this bed and breakfast is located in the heart of downtown flagstaff.  we are able to walk to all of the wonderful restaurants and shops.  there have been times during our stay when we do not even use the car after we arrive.  it's walking distance to the nau campus, as well.

we had initially booked this get away as a ski trip.  however, mr. c needs hip surgery...
so, we thought we should lay low on the activities. 

it was sunny and about thirty degrees when we arrived. {bbrrrr}.
it actually felt refreshing.
and, although, i hate being cold...i love wearing all my cute winter garb.

our first night, we had dinner at pizzicletti.
{we were close enough to walk...but, too cold so, we drove}.
it was amazing.  we have not had pizza that good since we were in italy.
it's a tiny place.  so tiny, you can't even wait inside.  we had to walk down the street, have a glass of wine and wait for them to text us.
there is one community table and a few other chairs along a counter.
we sat at the community table and had a group of freshman nau students join us.  they were great kids.  one of the girls reminded us so much of randi.
we ended up paying for their dinner and snuck out before they knew.
as we were getting ready to drive off...they started knocking on our window to thank us.

*the margherita pizza and roasted olives were exceptional.

the next morning at breakfast, we visited with the owner of the inn.
{breakfast is always great and the owner and staff know the area very well}.
as we were discussing things to do that day, he suggested visiting wupatke.
it is a short, lovely drive and is an interesting sight.
it sounded good enough to us!

it is near sunset crater. {you can actually do a loop to see both landmarks}.
it is also amazing to see views of the painted dessert. beautiful.

so, what is wupatke?  ancient ruins built around 1000 A.D.
sunset crater is the remains of a volcano.  there is lots of speculation on when the natives settled and when/why they left.  how big of a role did the volcano play?
{which began erupting around 950 A.D.}

it is a nice easy half mile walk around the ruins.  you can see a few other ruins nearby, as well as, the painted desert.  the visitor's center is friendly and they let you borrow a booklet for the self guided tour.  the cost to get in the park {which includes sunset crater} is $20 per vehicle.

i played tour guide as mr. c and i walked around the ruins.  there were numbered stopping points that coincided with the booklet.  i was getting in to when mr. c said, "how do they really know?"
WHAT?  what did he mean?  there was evidence and scientist...people dedicating their lives to this research!  but, he was serious.  he wasn't buying in to it.  no matter what i said, he found a loophole.
i was being a romantic and he was being a hard headed nonbeliever.
then, i found this quote at the end of the booklet:
"...for us life is shrouded in mystery and the world defies explanation...humans do not need to know everything there is to be known.  the human past, we feel, is a universal past.  no one can claim it, and no one can ever know it completely."
-Rina Swentzell, Pueblo Santa Clara

we both agreed. :)

by the time we made it back to flagstaff, we were ready for a late lunch.
natalie, a staff member at the inn, had suggested pizzicletti.
we liked it so much, we asked her for more great food ideas.
{we parked at the inn and decided to walk to lunch.  it was gorgeous outside}.
she suggested diablo burger.
exactly what mr. c was wanting. burger and fries.

another tiny place...but, so worth the wait!
i was really wanting a diet coke but, i had to settle for a mexican coke. {so good}.

this place only uses local{AZ} foods.
i had the veggie burger.  it was nothing short of amazing.  chopped full of protein filled beans and, you can pick your toppings. i had roasted beets and a spicy, honey mustard.  so good!  the toasted english muffins for buns were perfect.  mr. c had a burger {beef} with green chile.  he loved his as much as i loved mine.
and, the fries.  oh, the fries!  mr. c is a fry connoisseur. he was so happy to get them...
he ordered an extra basket. {too many fries}.

we were so full.  after our walk back we lay comatose the rest of the afternoon and evening.
we didn't even go out for dinner.
after another nice breakfast from the staff at the inn...
we couldn't leave flagstaff without a stop by macy's.
it is one of our favs in flagstaff.

we weren't hungry at all...but, you would never know it by the looks of our plates!
that little bit of goodness on the bottom left is a french cinnamon roll.  that is next on my baking agenda.  it was heavenly.

what a wonderful weekend.
 i love flagstaff.
i love great food and wine.
and, i love being with mr. c.

{thank you mimi and papa for not only taking my babies but, my little four legged one, as well}.

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