Monday, February 29, 2016

Dinner Time {and the Oscars}

{leonardo dicaprio finally accepting an oscar}.

before i get to my weekly dinner menu...
let's talk oscars!

finally. this beautiful, talented man won an oscar last night.

the oscars are like the super bowl for me and randi.  we love and watch every minute of it.
{including two hours of red carpet before the ceremony even starts}.

we were a little nervous when stallone did not win in his category, since he was favored.
{leo was favored too}.
but, we cheered loudly when leo won.
we loved his speech {check out this video he helped produce}
and really loved that his peers gave him a {much deserved} standing ovation.

chris rock did a superb job.
kevin hart had some great words to say.
and all the spoofs and jokes were spot on.

ok. on to dinner...
{last week's dinner menu can be found here}.
monday:  chili.  cornbread.  salad.
i saute onions and garlic then add canned black and/or cannelini beans.  tomatoes, corn, even zucchini are nice additions.  if more liquid is needed - add a little vegetable or chicken stock.  season up with salt, pepper, chili powder/southwest season...or toss in a chili season packet - like lawry's. i usually brown some ground turkey to toss in the boys' bowls.  top the bowls with cheese, diced onion, and or avocado.  {click on cornbread above to get recipe}.

tuesday:  spaghetti.  homemade baguettes.  salad with roasted asparagus.
basic. nothing fancy. i'm not making my marinara tonight...i like paul newsman's.  for the noodles...i prefer to use whole grain. tonight, i will be using hodgson mill ultlragrain with quinoa.

wednesday:  quinoa enchilada casserole.  beans.  guacamole.
this recipe has been a fav in our home.  it's easy, healthy and delicious.   click on the dish {above} for the recipe.

thursday:  baked chicken and scallops.  homemade baguettes. salad.
for the chicken - preheat oven to 425. mix flour, salt, pepper and cracker crumbs/panko/or chip crumbs.  {add any additional seasoning you may like}.  in another bowl - beat one egg.  dip your chicken breasts or strips in flour mixture then egg and place in a baking dish drizzled with olive oil. top each piece with some minced garlic and a little more olive oil {just a drizzle}. bake for about 45 minutes {depending on thickness of chicken} - flipping half way.  you want a nice golden crust.
for the scallops - dredge each {large} scallop in flour {shaking off excess} and salt/pepper each piece. place them in a med/hot skillet with a drizzle of olive or coconut oil. i like to sauté some minced garlic at the same time. they will cook quickly...6-7 minutes. sometimes i add a little vegetable stock to the, there is a bit of a roux or sauce. play with your seasoning to suit your taste.

friday:  homemade pizza.
last week's recipe was quick,  easy and good.  but, tonight i will try this one.

*my daughter and i are vegetarian but, i cook chicken or ground turkey for my husband and son a couple of times during the week.  dinner time is the most important part of the day for me and my family.  sometimes we are so busy with practices, meetings, events but, i try REALLY hard to adjust around everyone's schedule so we can eat together.  organization is the key. {and simple, healthful menus}.

happy cooking!

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