Friday, February 5, 2016

Love You

as cade was getting on the bus this morning, he was waiving and yelling, "bye! love you!".
my heart smiled.
one of the "bus stop dads" said, "that's nice. i barely get a 'bye' from my daughter".

cade and randi have always been good about hugging and saying i love you.
in front of friends, at doesn't seem to matter to them.
and, i am so grateful.

mr. c and i throw it out quite a bit too.
when we say person or over the phone.
when we go to sleep.
or just out of the blue.

sometimes, mr. c will make fun of us because we get carried away with the "love yous".
but, it always feels good and makes everyone happy.
we may get snappy with one another....or annoyed...or frustrated...
but, we never doubt our love for one another.

love. love. love.
{it makes the world go around}. 

{photo by: audrey}

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