Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Run Happy

a few weeks ago, these cute boys and i ran the color run.
{randi and her friend were supposed to run too...
but, poor randi got sick}.
this was my third color run, cade's second and connor's first.
{why do they look so much cleaner than i do}?

this was the "mosh pit" you can enter upon finishing the race.
those boys did not want to leave!
{in case you were the powder does not hurt your eyes. it is an all natural powder}.

they loved it.  cade is a great running partner.  although, he needs to learn to pace himself.
he takes off on a sprint!

the race took place at tempe town lake.  it was a gorgeous day.

this summed up the morning perfectly.
{actually. it sums up me. in a nutshell}.

and...on valentine's day, i ran in my third half marathon within ten months.
{the lost dutchman marathon}.
i was hoping to beat my time from santa barbara but, i didn't.
i was TWO minutes slower.
and, it really bummed me out.
i was mad at myself.  i blew off training.  i kept telling myself,
"you've got this.  you're in good enough shape.  no problem".

well, i didn't have it.
note to self:  when you want to run 13.1 miles in under two hours AND you are approaching better get your butt on the trail and log some miles.

with all that said...
i still ran the whole race. {never any walking for me}.
i finished in the top half.
i have another bib to put on my wall.
and, i got a shiny, new medal.

{results: 259th out of 718 runners.  102nd out of 412 female runners.  
24th out of 63 / 40-44 year old female runners}.

and, i'm grateful to be healthy enough to run each day.
so, i will continue to run happy.

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