Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekly This and That

{photo: cade - hawaii - circa 2013}
finally friday.

that means i can {kind of} sleep in tomorrow...
i don't need to get anyone up or make lunches. {woo-hoo}!

it was a good week.
a week full of baking, a few runs, some hikes,
{snake season is upon us. i ran into a little guy this morning}, dinners and lunches with wonderful people, sports and a lesson in college preparation.  {more on that later}.

here are a few recipes and interesting tidbits...
i delivered these delicacies to cade's school on thursday. they were new recipes but, ones i will definitely return to.
check out the reese's cupcakes recipe and lemon cupcakes recipes.  
{they were both good but, the lemon? divine}.

check this out before you sprinkle the parmesan on your pasta or pizza.

i'm trying this pizza dough recipe tonight.  {still searching for that perfect crust}.

loved this article about great women. feeling empowered.

i just bought some of this nail polish and am anxious to try it.

i love r.e.i. and their "all trails connect campaign".
this video extended my bucket list of trails to hike.

and, lastly...

i bring you this darling girl.

she looks sweet, right?
her twitter bio says "angry feminist".

happy weekend!!

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