Friday, February 19, 2016

Yes, I Do That

{picture circa 1994. 21st birthday}

today, i am 43.
as i was going through old pictures yesterday
{trying to find pictures of old girlfriends}...
i found myself laughing at images of my teen self or twenty something year old self.
like the above picture.
the hair. the red nails. the red lips.
i used to only wear matte red lipstick. and, i used to do my nails weekly {myself}...
and i would be of no use to anyone until my nails were dry.  

now, i'm lucky if i wear mascara and chapstick most days.
oh, how the times have changed.
i started thinking about not only how i have grown and changed but, just how odd i am.
seriously. i do some weird things.

we are all weird in our own way.
 and, i'm lucky enough to have two lovely children who remind me, daily, just how weird i am.

i have lots of pet peeves.
i'm a bit of a control freak.
and, i'm weird.
but, i own it.

here are a few things i do and believe...

yes i do that:
  • sometimes, i do my kid's homework.  {actually, just the boy.  i can't do the girl's.  and, just if it's busy work.  we are too busy for busy work}.
  • the only odd numbers i like are ones that end in 5.  other than that...i can't handle odd numbers. i will not let the remote control, radio dial, etc. land on an odd number.
  • i do laundry almost daily because i do not like full baskets.
  • i talk to anyone and everyone and have no problem complimenting or asking a question to a complete stranger.
  • sometimes, my kids have coke and chocolate for breakfast. {not that often. it's a secret from mr. c}.
  • sometimes, i make cookie dough and the kids and i just eat the dough.
  • i have to unload my grocery cart a certain way...grouped together. therefore, things will {hopefully} be bagged properly.
  • i have to read the morning paper in order.
  • i wear work out clothes most days with little or no make-up. {but i'm usually always clean}!
  • i read to cade every night. {and, use to with randi}.
  • i cook dinner for my family just about every night.  {and, wouldn't want it any other way}.
  • i do practice vegetarianism.  {and, mostly eat a plant base diet...a few dairy days}.

{photo circa 1986. 16th birthday}
yes, i believe that:
  • i believe in human rights and equality for all.
  • i believe anyone should be allowed to marry whom they love. {i have had non believers try and tell me how this will hurt the sanctity of their marriage.  it is like listening to gibberish.  none of it makes sense to me. i can be talked to until they are blue in the face...i will never understand the hate}.
  • i believe in science and in global warming.
  • i believe in women's rights and am pro choice.  this does not mean i want or even like abortions {as i have been told before}.  it simply means...a woman should have the right to choose.
  • i believe in open and honest communication with my kids and i believe i receive it.  it is very evident in our nightly dinner conversations.  we talk about everything.  and. i. mean. everything.
  • i believe in religious freedom.  anyone should be allowed to believe in and be respected for their beliefs...whether it is god, allah, mother nature, the jolly green giant...or nothing at all.  
  • i believe we should help our neighbors. {next door, across the border, or across the ocean}.
  • i believe in a healthful life...clean eating and exercise is extremely important.  {i believe it could eliminate a lot of medications...if people would just do it}.
  • i believe a smile goes a long way.
  • i believe in love. 
  • i believe in kindness.
  • i believe happiness is a choice.

{photo circa 1980ish. i think it's my 7th bday}.

today, i wish myself a happy birthday.
i hope i remember to stay weird.
i hope, as i grow even older and wiser, i become more and more comfortable with myself and settle even deeper in to my beliefs.
i hope i stay true to myself and to my children.
i hope i lead by example...
to be happy. to be weird. to be yourself.
own it.

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keep calm and carry on said...

happy birthday!!!!!! i loved celebrating with you and i'm glad you are back blogging with a vengence!! i love it!!