Wednesday, March 16, 2016

a lover not a hater

i fell asleep last night with confused thoughts floating around in my head.
i had been looking at an instagram post from our local nbc affiliate. they had covered a bernie sanders rally in phoenix yesterday. it was a simple picture of the attendees, holding their "bernie" signs in a packed conference center. it was all good until i read the comments. there were only a few but, they were packed with hate. and, because i couldn't just let it go...i looked at the bios of the individuals saying these things.  their bios included things like, "i love guns", "i hate muslims", "jesus lover", "christian", "lds", "trump supporter". it bothered me. a lot. how can someone  have such a hatred for people? how can someone claim to be a "jesus lover" yet, announce mean sentiments? i've never understood it. and. i never will.

when i graduated from high school, along with our diplomas, they gave us a packet. the envelope held information on how to become a registered voter. i was all over it. i gradated in 1991 and would be able to vote in the 1992 presidential election. i eagerly {and judgmentally} watched the debates between clinton, bush, and perot.  looking back on things, i probably didn't completely understand everything but, i tried. i watched. i listened. i formed opinions.  that interest has stayed with me through the years. the florida fiasco with the gore/bush election? i had a little radio in my office that played the coverage nonstop and took me to the world of debates, chads, and popular votes. in 2008, i was glued to the tv as i watched our first black president become president of the united states. and now, eight years later,  i am transfixed by our politics. i keep thinking i will wake up and learn that it was all a joke {or a bad dream}. this obnoxious, racist, people hating bully was just kidding. he wasn't really running to be president of our country. but so far, the joke is still on. and. people are actually buying his snake oil. they are buying into his fear and his hate. the hate, the lies, the fighting...i'm truly in disbelief.

i grew up watching my parents vote. however, it was a private action. {they did not discuss who they voted for}. although it is a pretty open book around my home now, i haven't decided how much i want to put in the blog world.  let's just say i'm on the fence between two very intelligent candidates. these two individuals are for:
human rights, saving the environment, establishing sensible gun laws, creating smart immigration reform {that does not include building a huge wall or banning entire races/religions from entering our country...very hitler like}, equal pay, pro women's rights, affordable education and health care for all. they believe love wins and there should be more kindness and less hate. perfect candidates for someone who is a lover not a hater.

this quote was in our paper the other day and i thought it was very apropos:

"any fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. it takes a touch of genius - and  a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction." - albert einstein

{photo:  hands of me and mr. c}

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