Monday, March 21, 2016

baseball and art

baseball. baseball. baseball.
saturday marked the opening day of little league.
let the whirl wind begin.

it makes my heart happy to watch this cute lefty.
 he threw a no hitter inning with three strike outs.
he had an awesome attitude and acted as a real leader.
{when i told him this after the game he said, "i kind of felt like it too". fingers crossed this team leader, positive attitude sticks}.

the baseball festivities and game took up most of saturday.
so, on sunday randi and i ventured to scottsdale to visit my amazing brother at 

troy is an extremely talented glass artist. he has been commissioned to do amazing work around the state and has been invited to various conferences around the country to discuss his work.
{plus, he is, hands down, one of the kindest, most wonderful people i know}.

 the weekend wrapped up with a lovely dinner with my family and my brother's in-laws {visiting from out of town}. my mom made a wonderful dinner that we enjoyed outside, beneath the stars and orange blossoms. 

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