Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Be The One

growing up is not always easy.
sometimes, lessons are a little tough.

cade has a friend who probably tries too hard to be accepted by "the group".
in his quest to fit in, he ends up getting picked on and turns some kids away.
this breaks my heart.
so, without getting too involved {not wanting to be the helicopter mom},
i decided to address the issue with cade.

i asked him about the kid. he pretty much told me what i already knew.
however, when i asked cade if he liked him he said, "yes".
so, we talked how he could make the situation better for this friend.

cade: mom, if he keeps acting like this in middle school, he is going to get beat up or something.
me:  well, maybe you could help him. if he acting or doing things he shouldn't - maybe you could tell him "that's not cool, dude".
cade: yeah, i guess.
me: and maybe, when others tease him -  you could be the leader.  tell them not to do that. stick up for him.
cade: yeah. but, i don't know if anyone will listen to me.
me: what? be the leader!  be the one they all listen to.  i bet they will listen to you.  make a difference! {this is where i may have gotten a little too zig ziglar}.
cade: ok.
me: {because i couldn't let it go}. it breaks my heart that you have a friend with hurt feelings.  nobody deserves to feel that way. {i may have gotten a little teary here}. i believe in you. i believe you can make a difference.  be the sweet boy i know you are.  imagine how you would feel in his shoes.
cade: ok mom. i get it.

i know it's tough.
i know i can't be with him all day. {although, sometime i want to}.
i know he is trying to find his place in the 5th grade social order too.
i know kids can be mean but, can't we make an effort to change that?
{more love, less hate}.
 i know that one can make a positive difference.
i know he can be the one.
{we all can}.

{love this article by a mother. her final sentence is the best}.

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