Monday, March 7, 2016

Dinner Time

happy monday!

monday means sharing my weekly menu.  but first, a few things from the weekend.

*phoenix flea was great.  the event was held at heritage square so, the setting for all those crafters/artists was lovely.  check our their next event. you won't be disappointed. {i was unable to find info for the next event.  their website is in the works}.

*i read this article over the weekend. if you are wondering about GMO's - check it out.  but, you may find yourself cutting certain foods out of your diet and making sure purchased foods are certified GMO free.  {no more corn and soy for me}!!

*we watched spotlight {won oscar for best movie}. it was good, however, we thought revenant was better.  we also watched room. {brie larson won - and deserved - best actress}. i loved the book and the movie did not disappoint.  the book was better but, isn't it always?

 *those cookies i said i was going to make this weekend? amazing. and, come to find out, the recipe is from one of my favorite bakers: joy the baker.

*and, i finally got a brotform.  {i have been thinking about one for about a year}. a brotform is the bowl pictured above.  the dough rises in it and when it is flipped on to your baking stone for baking it has beautiful floured rings around the dough.  it came out beautifully last night. so beautiful, that i was too excited to serve it and forgot to take a picture. {i will try and contain my excitement next time and capture the loaf in all it's glory}.

on with the menu:

monday:  cauliflower soup, salad, homemade bread
for the soup:  one potato {peeled and diced}, one head of cauliflower broken into pieces, one carrot, 2-3 pressed garlic cloves, one small onion {diced}, salt, pepper, and 4 cups of vegetable or chicken broth.  place all ingredients in to a pot, bring to a boil, then simmer until veggies are tender. once tender, use an immersion blender {or transfer to a blender}. you can puree the veggies as smooth as you would like.  next, add 3/4 cup milk, 2 cups of grated cheese {i prefer cheddar}, any extra seasoning you may like. garnish soup with additional cheese, if desired.
my family loves this soup and it is packed full of goodness.

tuesday:  ravioli, caesar salad, homemade baguette
i will be making homemade ravioli.  i have not mastered this but, am determined to!  i have tried it a few times and let me just say...there is no comparison between homemade and store bought. homemade melts in your mouth!! i will try this recipe.

wednesday: tuna melts and grilled cheese, fries, and fruit salad
keeping it simple. this is a busy night for everyone. cade does not like tuna so, he will get the grilled cheese.  randi and i like mustard on our tuna sandwiches. is that weird?

thursday: chicken/fish tacos, beans, avocado salad
fish for the girls, chicken for the boys.  season up fish and chicken and sauté {or bake} until cooked through.  i like to use a southwest or chipolte seasoning with a squeeze of lime. we prefer soft tacos with flour tortillas. toppings for the tacos: tomatoes, olives, lettuce, cabbage, salsa.

friday: pizza
we ended up going out to dinner last friday night so, i did not get a chance to try this recipe. i will give it a whirl. {still searching for that perfect pizza crust}!

mr. c is on a quest for a pizza oven.  he even went in to the kitchen at federal pizza to check out how they were making theirs and talked to the owner about pizza ovens. he found one last night but, we could buy a car for the price of the oven!!

 happy cooking and happy eating!

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