Monday, March 28, 2016

mellow easter

the easter bunny came and went with little fanfare this year. i'm not sure why....just wasn't feeling it. it came early. the kids are older. friday and saturday were busy days. {could not find the time to dye eggs...first time ever eggs were not dressed for the party}.  i'm quite sure i could keep digging for lame excuses but, i will wrap it up by was a lovely weekend spent with family regardless of how mellow it was.

we started the weekend with a lovely picnic at a local park. train rides, scooters,  chocolate chip cookies and icees were enjoyed by all. {i really did plan to dye eggs this day. we usually do them on good friday  when we have my nephew with us. but, the boys had too much fun playing and we ran out of time. truth be told...i probably want to color the eggs more than the kids}.

saturday was busy with trail runs, baseball practice, and visiting the phoenix art museum

{we loved the baseball, michelangelo , and  super indian exhibits}. 

i really enjoy the company of this beautiful girl. sometimes her rants get a little out of control and, she is a bear when she gets hungry but, she is very intelligent and funny. i have enjoyed our outings together. we spent saturday evening shopping at paper source and urbana {fabulous stores} and dining at picazzos. {the boys were watching basketball games with friends}.

and, easter sunday.
easter has always been my favorite holiday. for years, we have gone to my mom's where we had mimosas while we dyed eggs wearing homemade easter bonnets and had a very competitive egg hunt. {you did not wear sandals unless you wanted to lose}. this was before kids!  after the little darlins came along, the egg hunt was their game. we all mellowed in order to let them find the eggs. some years, we would have thirty people {friends and cousins}, while others consisted of smaller parties. this year was the smallest yet. my brother couldn't even be there because it was the last day of his art show and others were out of town or had different plans. but, cade and emerson had fun finding easter eggs and shooting each other with water guns. we had yummy food and wine. {i finally made these pretzels. they were kind of amazing}. and, as always, we were in good company with lots of love and laughter. so, even though i didn't get eggs dyed and, my kids didn't have an egg hunt easter morning and, we didn't have our traditional, bonnet wearing party and, i didn't take a single was a beautiful day spent with those i love.

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