Tuesday, March 15, 2016


{paris 2012}

oh this girl of mine.
she is such an incredible person. {and, i'm not just saying that because i'm the mother}. she really is a great individual. she is a beautiful girl with an old soul and full of wit and wisdom.

yesterday, i rode in the car with her for an hour and a half. we have made this drive together thousands of times over the years. {her father lives three hours away and this is our meeting point. we have been doing this since she was two}.  in the past, the drive was made every other week. however, with age has come a busier schedule and she does not go quite as often. her grandparents met us yesterday and they were so happy to see her. her dad, other mom, brothers, uncles, aunts and cousins will all be overjoyed to see her too. i have always told her how lucky she is to have so many people love her.  while some kids do not have a loving, involved parent...she has four! she is a lucky girl but, we are all lucky to have her too.

like a million other times, we all visited for a few minutes in the parking lot, i gave randi a big hug goodbye, got in my car and drove away.  away from her.  and, like so many other times, the lump started building in my throat and my eyes filled with tears.  no matter how many times i've said goodbye to her, it never seems to be easy. i will see her again in a few days. i know she will be safe and loved and enjoy her time with her family.
she is my sweet baby girl and, it is so hard to let her go.

 ok. now that i have made myself tear up again...
randi says crazy things sometimes. some moms document the funny things their toddlers say. not me. i document my teenager!

the other evening, randi and i had the house to ourselves. {the boys were at a baseball game}. we were so excited! we ordered thai food, watched a movie and painted our nails. as the evening was coming to an end, i told her how much i enjoyed it and she said, 
"me too. we should really consider getting a place of our own."
"actually, i kind of like this place. they {the boys} should find a place of their own."

after school the other day, her mouth was rambling nonstop, {as it usually does}.
out of the blue she said,
"i love wearing a sports bra to school. if something happened and i needed to run out of school...
i could just run and not worry about my boobs".

cheers to daughters who warm our hearts and make us smile.

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