Monday, March 14, 2016

{un} accomplished

it's monday.
it's monday and i accomplished very little from my weekend list.
the challenging run/swim i was looking forward to on saturday? didn't happen. instead, i waited for cable/internet guy most of the day.
visiting r.e.i. to find some trail runners? didn't make it. {but, it was meant to be. i received a coupon in the mail today}!
making those amazing looking pretzels? nope. didn't happen.
and, i didn't even sniff the little league banner i'm making.

i did have a quiet date with myself while randi was working a shift at a local bookstore. she works a two hour shift and i needed to go to the grocery store so, i figured i had an hour or so to sneak away.  there are several great places near the book store.  i popped in to one, had a glass of wine and read my book. heaven. {reading: girl on the train}.

and, we had a wonderful visit over dinner with a dear family friend.
and, i got lots of laundry done.
and, randi and i watched the danish girl. {very good}.
and, randi and i attended a volunteer training to be ushers at a phoenix venue. {so excited to attend all the shows...and, building that college resume}.
and, i ate a delicious meal prepared by mr. c and enjoyed with the kids and my parents.

so, i guess i accomplished some things. but, with that said...
i woke up this morning with my brain spinning. i have lots going on right now but, it's all good things. and, since i want and need to do them all...i must be better with my time.  i pride myself on being organized and task oriented. however, i have been known to wait till the last minute. things always get done but, i may be up all night completing them. so, today i worked out a schedule. hopefully, i will be able to follow through. {the problem is, i usually have to rearrange, give in, change my schedule in order to accommodate mr. c and the kids}. fingers crossed i can stick with the plan!!  {i also tend to get side tracked with cleaning, pinterest, laundry. i'm a bit neurotic about things being clean and laundry done}.

 moving on.
i have already become a little bored with listing my weekly menu. instead, i plan on spotlighting some of the recipes i will be using during the week.  {some evenings, the meals are just not exciting. like tonight for example, bean burros. it's a busy night with everyone going in different directions}.

this fabulous dish is a mediterranean quinoa salad from foodiecrush.  it is easy and full of healthy goodness.  i have made it once before and my family loved it. {randi actually found the recipe}. it can be served with soup or homemade bread.


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