Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We Just Get This One

today i met an 87 year old man.
at the gym.
i was dripping with sweat and getting ready to wrap up my work out on the rowing machine.
he was just getting off a rowing machine.
i smiled. he smiled back.

i then asked how he was doing today...
he said he was great!
he was happy to be there and happy to feel so good at 87 years young.
he went on tell me that he had a valve replacement six months ago
and had been doing cardio rehab.
and...he believed he had been having such a quick, easy recovery because he had been at this {exercising} for 55 years.
he then said, "we only get this one body. we must take care of it".
i couldn't agree more.
i am a HUGE believer in taking care of our bodies from the inside out.
having twenty plus years experience of teaching fitness classes,
i have seen so much goodness come from people exercising.
 one hundred percent positive. nothing negative.
it's awesome to see people light up with pride in themselves when they have lost weight,
gained energy, and just feel better.

nutrition is vital too.
however, it's important to find what works best for you and not to judge others.
i have a dear friend who believes animal protein is important but gluten should not be consumed. although i do not completely agree, i have the utmost respect because she looks and feels great.
it works for her.
i have another friend whose husband has adopted a vegan lifestyle. he says coworkers have given him a hard time and people don't understand why he would do that.
it's quite's healthy and it works for him.  he feels great.

i believe a plant based lifestyle is the healthiest.  however, 

i do not follow that diet on a daily basis. {i eat some dairy}.  
i also believe sugar can be harmful. however, i'm a baker.
so, i try to limit the sweet stuff.
everything in moderation.
{but, cut out the processed junk}.
love your body. take care of it. go for a walk. try some new {healthy} foods.
making your heart happy will make your soul happy.

*i have to say, although i have always been active...i have not always had a healthy body image.  i battled years of eating disorders {i could not be skinny enough}.
i'm working up the courage to blog about that dark secret soon.

*photo: my 43rd birthday was celebrated on south mountain with my dear friend, erma.  she surprised me with a little picnic of hummus, crackers and wine!

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