Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekend Wishes

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"how can you not be romantic about baseball?" - billy beane

it's friday. happy, happy friday.

my little family of four is playing hooky today and heading to a spring training game. 
dodgers vs dbacks. {cade is partial to the dodgers}. i'm very much looking forward to it. soaking in the sun and watching baseball with my loves...heaven.

baseball won's stop there. little league starts tomorrow and will take up much of the day. {yes, i finished the banner. yesterday}.

in between baseball...
i may finally make those amazing pretzels i wanted to tackle last weekend. 
we may check out a certain white haired, vermont senator who is campaigning in phoenix. 
we will visit my brother at his art show.
we will enjoy a family dinner.
and, bask in our amazing weather.

happy weekend to you!

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