Friday, March 25, 2016

weekend wishes

{me and my brother, troy. circa: 1978ish}

"look! a trickle of water running through some dirt! i'd say our afternoon just got booked solid!"
-bill watterson - calvin and hobbes

{tribute to the countless hours my brother and i spent playing in the creek...making mud pies...building forts...being happy}.

happy friday! happy spring! happy easter!

this beautiful weekend will be spent outside...
running my lovely mountain,
having a picnic with the kids,
dying easter eggs,
water gun wars,
easter egg hunts,
and soaking in the sun.

we also plan to visit the phoenix art museum to see this exhibit.

randi and i are anxious to see a few movies. maybe, we will sneak them in.

i'm finally going to make these pretzels. for sure. pinky swear.


randi and i have enjoyed a green smoothie every day. we are loving the recipes from 
simple green smoothies.  they are so good. we feel healthier already!

i made this for dinner last night. it was easy and really good. plus, i was able to make it before cade's game and enjoy it when we got home. {i substituted brown rice and canned corn. we also used it as filling for a burro}.

wanting some weekend reading? check out these articles:
countries with less inequality have happier citizens {we could learn some lessons from these places}.

and, we are all aware of flint's water crisis. but, did you know it is happening all over our country? check out this article. it will make you want to take action. {ironically, some of the hardest hit areas are homes to those who are native of our country}.

and finally, you may have seen samantha bee when she was on the {fabulous} jon stewart show. she now has her own show and did this hilarious, but serious bit on backlogged rape kits.

happy weekend wishes to you!

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