Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekly This and That {With Some Baseball}

happy friday!
it's been a busy week. {i've missed blogging}!
the week was full of time with cade {he's on spring break},
baking {cinnamon rolls and quiches for randi's school},
making a little league banner {for some reason, i thought it would be a great idea to make one vs. ordering one},
cleaning {i'm the maid around this place},
and, some runs, swims and weight work-outs here and there.

but, the topper of the week was attending a spring training game today! {it was cade's third of the week and mr. c's second}.  it was our first time at sloan field. {home of chicago cubs spring training}.  it is a fabulous's like a mini wrigley field.  i hate to admit it but, i think i like it better than salt river field. {home of our az backs}.
i love  sitting in the grass in the outfield, feeling the sun against my skin, watching all of the people and, the game. there is something almost romantic about baseball...i love it.

the kids each took a friend. the boys ran around the complex and spent most of their time playing whiffle ball. the girls talked, laughed and, people watched.
but, we all ate  nachos, giant pretzels, fries, hot dogs...all that good stuff!

this kid is in his element. give him a ball, a bat and a couple of other kids...that's all he needs.
{well, maybe not all he needs. he is a pretty high maintenance kid with a penchant for shoes. like his father}.

spring is in full form here in the valley of the sun.  the days are getting a little longer. poppies and other wildflowers have sprung up everywhere. daffodils are in the grocery stores. rattlesnake warnings are a daily occurrence on the news. our calendar is loaded with little league games and end of the year activities. and, my spring fever has gotten worse!

this weekend:

*will be the start of randi's break.

*i hope to get some nice wildflower shots.

*i will be challenging myself to a long run/swim workout tomorrow.

*i will be making these delectable pretzels.

*i hope to visit r.e.i. and purchase some trail runners.

*we get to have dinner with a dear friend at crust.

*and, maybe we will sneak in a movie. or, maybe i will finish the little league banner.  ahead of schedule.  mmmm...who am i kidding?!

here's to a lovely weekend.

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