Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekly This and That

this morning we were all standing in the kitchen when mr. c and randi both said it didn't feel like friday. i said, "yeah. yesterday felt like friday to me".

mr. c wittily replied, "every day is friday to you".

well. it's better than every day being monday.

and, since it is actually is a little this and that...


i was finally able {remembered} to take my camera out on a hike.
i took a photography class a couple of weeks ago from tempe camera.

i've had my camera for eight years and have no clue how to use it!
the class was fun, although a bit overwhelming. {i found a whole new level of appreciation for my photographer friends...nellie and audrey}. 
the instructor {david hunsaker} was very helpful {with his 40 years of experience}.

i'm still in the very beginning learning phase but, here are a few images of our desert.

beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.
when i first moved out here to go to school, i missed the lush green of east texas.
i wasn't loving the desert landscape.
twenty plus years later, i think it is breathtakingly beautiful.
{my teenage daughter, however,  thinks it is the ugliest place ever. 
hopefully, age will change that view}.

along with a lovely hike, i was able to get to the pool for a work out.  i have always loved swimming but, when i couldn't stand running in the heat last august, i turned to the pool for regular workouts. one day, while doing lap after lap of freestyle, an older man stopped me and said, "your stroke is nice and your breathing is great but, you should really be reaching more. you should make it across in 20-24 strokes. you are at about 28 now".  he was right. my stroke improved immensely with his advice.  gary and i formed a friendship and he has become my "coach". he even showed up one day with an old tattered book full of swim workouts.  he said he had a new copy and i could have his old one.  i love it! these workouts have been such a great addition to my routine. plus, i get free coaching. :)
*{gary, who is 70 and used to swim for asu, has been out recovering from surgery.  he had only been back in the water for a few days when he competed in the senior olympics over the weekend.  he was excited to share with me that he won 4 medals}!!

i'm looking forward to trying these cookies this weekend.

randi and i will be heading to phoenix flea on saturday. woo-boo! should be lots of fun.

i'm not going to lie. i'm a bit frightened with the state of our politics. i liked this article about a true public servant and voting against the school yard bully...also know as trump.

and finally, i'm feeling antsy. i want to do something. {well, actually...i want to do lots of things. learn spanish, learn to make macaroons, hike the grand canyon, hike havasupai...the list goes on and on}. but, right now...i want to create. i want to work {but, still be home. and, still be able to hike and work out and meet friends. is that even possible}? so, i'm thinking of attending this conference. and, i'm thinking of participating in some holiday boutiques again.  if i have a reason to make things and be creative...maybe i will get busy!?

here's to a lovely weekend! {maybe full of creating}!

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