Monday, April 18, 2016

local finds

saturday morning, randi, her friend {sarah}, and i ventured to singh farms in scottsdale. i have been there before and was excited to spend an hour or two in this magical sanctuary.

bernie the rooster keeps watch over the farm. {randi is very partial to his name}.

several birds and chickens along with this peacock call singh farms their home. this beauty confidently displayed his feathers for us.

these two keep me laughing all the time. and, they were good sports as i took pictures. non stop.

local honey, flowers, produce are available for purchase. pastries, pizza, coffee, juices are available too...they were just sold out by the time we got there. :(

it is truly one of the loveliest places in the valley. you would never know you are right off the freeway...right in the city. if i had a back yard like this {chickens and all}, i would never leave!

i would love to tell you to rush down there next saturday morning and enjoy a cup of coffee and stroll through the gardens. however. word on the street was their last day open. i believe they are in a land dispute and have decided to close. let's keep our fingers crossed that they will work things out and stay open.

 next up...
ice cream sammies.
this cute little place is located in downtown chandler and is a great concept.
they offer about half dozen different types of cookies and 8-12 different flavors of ice cream.
the toughest part about going here is choosing flavors. what flavors will mash up best? the kids picked chocolate chip cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream. i chose one sugar cookie, one snickerdoodle and salted caramel ice cream. we all decided peanut butter cookies and chocolate ice cream would be delicious too.
and finally...
phoenix theatre {again}. randi and i saw all night strut over the weekend. it is a fun and lively 1930's/1940's review with songs like chatanooga choo choo,  java jive, and i'll be seeing you {which always makes me cry}. i adore that era and love the music.
there are several great theatre venues in the valley but, i'm partial to this theatre. it is a small venue located on the phoenix art museum campus. the lounge opens up to a beautiful courtyard where you can enjoy cocktails and light refreshments before the show and during intermission. the talent is superb and there is not a bad seat in the house. you won't be disappointed.

happy local exploring!

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