Friday, April 1, 2016

weekend wishes

{me circa: 1986-ish}

"let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world."

sorry for the quality of this's an oldie!

the weekend is here!  hip, hip hooray! i hope your week was lovely. mine was nice. 

we finished remodeling a bathroom. {i detest remodel projects. mostly, because messes make me crazy. ironically, i live with a man who loves home projects. fortunately, he is very good at them}.

we only had one baseball game...that we {unfortunately} lost. the two males that i live with did not take it well, which got me thinking about competition, winning and losing, on those thoughts coming soon.

a couple nights ago my mom, randi and i had a "retro" girls' night out. we had dinner at durant's and went to phoenix theatre to see lady day. it was a wonderful evening. billie holiday's story is a sad one but, her music was fabulous. as i went to bed that night thinking about the evening, i was reminded, once again, i was born in the wrong era.

this weekend will be: 
baseball games {hoping for a win}
pedicures {randi and i are due}
a 5k wine run with my friend, erma. this race will be full of laughter, running, and wine! {could it get any better}?
lounging by the pool. {maybe after the run}!
and, baking...
these yummy banana cupcakes are on the docket for today and this beautiful cake must be created in the near future. have you ever seen a lovelier cake?

happy april wishes to you!

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