Friday, April 22, 2016

weekend wishes

 {mia rose. my third baby}
yea for friday!
not only is it friday but, it's earth day and, the temps are in the 90's. and, i like the 90's.

the last few weeks have been flying by. most mornings i feel like bill murray in groundhog day...  wake up, make lunches, school, run kids, dinner, homework, bed, repeat. i woke up two days ago and decided i was done. summer can come any day now.

the week was full of happy things and i can't wait to share some stories next week!!

but, it's the weekend and i have a few wishes for the next two days...

i hope to spend some time and finally learn lightroom. i never mastered photoshop or elements and am determined to learn this software. it can't be that hard...can it?

i am super excited to do a photography class with some fun ladies lead by the cute audrey. we will be learning the ins and outs on saturday.

i'm thinking i should surprise my kids with these soft pretzel bites for an after school snack.

i want to make these yummy donuts for my sweet nephew who just lost a tooth.

the hiking trails are calling my name with this gorgeous weather. i would love to get out there at sunrise and get some great pictures...or sunset.

we haven't seen any good movies lately and i think we are due.  randi is my partner in crime when it comes to movie dates. we love sharing a diet coke and seeing a good movie...maybe that will happen this weekend.

supplies that i ordered for this brush lettering class have arrived so, maybe i will get to those lessons this weekend.

i am reading a great book {tell the wolves i'm home}. it has taken me forever to read it because, i have not taken the time to read.  so. maybe. i will bask in the sun and read for a little while. {that is some serious wishing}.

happy weekend wishes to you...may they be full of love and puppy kisses.

"if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." -van gogh
happy earth day.

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