Friday, April 29, 2016

weekend wishes

{berries from a san francisco farmer's market}

friday. let the celebration begin!

it's been another long, busy week.  
this week we {mr. c} survived a little surgery...
we almost won our little league game {it was a nail biter}...
my list of "end of the school year things to do" grew and grew and grew...
and, my baby girl had her wisdom teeth removed. {not fun. at all. but, she's a trooper}.

but, it's the weekend...woo-hoo!
this weekend we will be...

eating lots of smoothies and ice cream. i will be making lots of smoothies from simple green smoothies. {my go to smoothie girls}.

winning our third to last game of the year. i'm sure of it. 

i really want to make these donuts.  there are some fresh strawberries in the fridge waiting to be made into a decadent donut.

i WILL work on learning that damn lightroom/photoshop.

randi and i {hopefully, she feels up to it} will be participating in this flower crown class. 

we will celebrate the birthday of my amazing little brother. {i may be biased but, he truly is one of the greatest people i know}.

with this year being the 100 year anniversary of the national park service, the today show is showcasing several parks. i am chomping at the bit to get out and visit one of them. i would LOVE to hike the grand canyon this year. that's doable. right? 

i love the olympics and, i especially love the summer olympics. we are less than 100 days till rio!

we will celebrate may and i will prepare myself for the whirlwind month ahead of me.

happy weekend to you. may it be filled with summer berries and happy wishes.

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