Friday, May 27, 2016

birthday wishes

thirteen years ago, a kind older woman approached me and my tantrum throwing three year old and said, “i know you don’t appreciate it now....but, one of these days you will greatly appreciate and admire her bold strength and determination.  you will be glad she is confident enough to know what she wants.”

crazy...that’s what I thought about the woman.  as a first time mom, i thought she was crazy to find ANYTHING positive with the way my child was behaving.  but, here we are, more than a decade later...and you know what?  she was right.

randi came into this mighty world three weeks early.  she didn’t care that we weren’t ready or we didn’t know what we were doing...she was ready.  she didn’t care that she still had fluid in her lungs and would have to be watched over in the NICU for her first few days.  the girl was determined and knew what she wanted...she wanted the world!

i am an incredibly blessed human being...and, randi is one of my greatest blessings.  the past sixteen years have been humorous, educational, and joyous.  i love watching her grow into a young woman.  her likes and dislikes change with the seasons.  however, when she has her mind set on something...she gives it her all.  

my daughter is a beautiful and kind person...but, is not afraid to tell you if she disagrees with you.  she has very strong opinions and believes people should be treated equal.  she will verbally attack those who make derogatory comments about someone. (sometimes she needs to be reined in!)

her confidence amazes me.  at four years old, she marched herself into a room full of unknown preschoolers and never looked back.  to this day, she does not hesitate to try new things or join a class of strangers.  i have never known a sixteen year old to be as comfortable in their own skin as she is.  one of the best attributes that come with that comfort and confidence is, she can laugh at herself.  she has a crazy sense of humor and we laugh...all the time.

as her mother, i look forward to each day with her.  i look forward to watching her dreams and goals unfold.  she is my child who will fly the nest as soon as she gets the green light. and, i hope the world is ready for her...because, she is coming.  ready or not!

happy birthday my beautiful, amazing girl.
i love you...a million milky ways.

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