Monday, May 23, 2016


oh, last week was a crazy one! {hence my blogging absence}.
but, it ended on a sweet note as we celebrated randi's 16th birthday with a great group of friends.
{this celebration was a little early, as her actual birthday is a week away}.
she wanted to dine on the patio of postino's but, they could not accommodate us. so, she chose federal pizza...which was perfect! we still had a patio to dine on and we were right across the street from churn. {her main concern was being close to churn. we HAD to go there for dessert}.

we met the gang at their school {central location} and i drove them downtown. my mom went ahead of us to take the balloons and gift bags. she held down the fort till we arrived. :)

 my mom and i sat in the corner of the booth, had a glass of wine and watched these teenagers laugh, smile, eat and live life as they should...happily. {trust me. our future looks bright with these people at the helm}.

if you have not been to churn, you must go. now.  it is the best ice cream around. plus, it is darling inside. a long line outside is typical. don't be moves fast. {i keep saying they need to give the folks at dutch bros a lesson on moving lines quickly}.

each friend received a box of colorful, delectable macarons from essence bakery. these are randi's favorite treat and, although i have tried, i have not mastered these little bites of heaven.

incredibly grateful for this amazing woman. she is, hands down, the best mimi. ever.
i am so happy my kids have such a fabulous relationship with her and they want her to be there to celebrate everything.

i was trying to take pictures of the kids and randi was getting annoyed and did not want to be bothered with the, my mom said, "i'm ok with it. take my picture!"

it was a great evening. randi looked beautiful in a new dress she bought with mr. c. the two of them had a date night {dinner and shopping} while cade and i had a slumber party at a local resort. we celebrated the end of his elementary school years with fellow fifth graders at the arizona grand. it was tons of fun.

last week was jam packed with 5th grade parties,  teacher's gifts, baking orders, sad goodbyes, tears, and lots of celebrating. although, i had little sleep and a had a few stressful moments, i would not trade any of it for the world. i love it all and am thankful i can do it!

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