Wednesday, May 11, 2016

college bound

my daughter is college bound!
well, not really. at least, not yet.
we have two years to go.
however, that has not stopped her from researching, preparing, worrying, and visiting all things college.  for the last few years, she has kept a data base full of college info...where she wants to go, acceptance rates, tuition, scholarships, etc. 
she has almost a hundred volunteer hours under her belt and has made an effort to be involved and build her resume. 

she has been dead set on east coast schools and {although sad}, we support her. she did not want anything to do with arizona schools. but, that has changed. a little. she came home from a leadership convention a few weeks ago very interested in northern arizona university. she hopped in the car and started rambling about how great it was and how she could get her undergrad there and then go to the east coast for grad school. i calmly listened. i was playing it cool...being nonchalant...but, inside i was screaming "hip, hip hooray" and doing a happy dance.

since taking the PSATs, she has received lots of letters from universities around the country. nau has contacted us several times and have invited us to take a tour. i never thought much about it...but, with her new interest, we decided to schedule a tour.

so, a few days ago {when she had a day off school}, my mom and i took randi and her friend on their first college tour!

love the snowy peaks in the background.

the north end of campus was our favorite.  the buildings were older and there was a lovely park/common area in the middle.

fun fact: this lumberjack {their mascot} was modeled after jfk.

{enjoying a smoothie at the university union}.

we had so much fun and this girl loved it.
some of her favorite things about the tour:
*they bring puppies from the spca every week to the library for the students to pet and love
*they offer free 5 minute massages to the students
*the mural/saying outside the communication building is right up her alley
*the coolness of the new science building
*the dorms and the fact that the bathrooms get cleaned twice a day
*the international program
*the dark room {cardio} at the rec center

i know we have two years to go. and, a lot can change in two years. she could get other offers or like other schools better. {she is touring schools in an eastern state and attending a workshop in a different state this summer}. but. for now, i will be excited about the prospect of her only being three hours away from me...instead of the other side of the country!

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