Tuesday, May 24, 2016

faux calligraphy

i have been trying to master the art of faux calligraphy for a couple of months. {although, as crazy as this spring has been, i have barely had time to practice}.

i took a great online class from holly mccaig.  her techniques got me started and introduced me to different pens/markers.

i kept the learning going by attending a class over the weekend. randi and i had so much fun at a class put on by the girls of events by popbox.
i had been wanting to attend one of their workshops and had actually signed up for their flower crown workshop several weeks ago. however, that same weekend, randi decided to have her wisdom teeth out instead.  so, the girls {kim and lauren} were so easy to work with and let us switch to the calligraphy class on a later date.

the workshop exceeded my expectations.
first of all, the location was awesome. the class was held in a room at the mckinley club {cool, old building} in downtown phoenix.  secondly, kim and lauren were fun, professional and knew their stuff. lastly, everything was thought of. they had sweet treats, champagne, strawberries, water and the table setting, supplies, and information were perfect. 

i need lots of practice. but, i'll get it! {i think i can. i think i can}.

randi was a natural. she picked it up so quickly and easily.

it was fun to try something new, with someone knew, in a new location.  randi and i both loved it and look forward to our next adventure!

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