Thursday, May 5, 2016

Human Spirit

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"we are all broken, that's how the light gets in." - ernest hemingway
i have seen the human spirit shine, in all it's glory,  several times in my life.
one of the best moments was visiting my nana in the hospital. we received a call saying if we wanted to see her - we had better come now. so, without hesitation, me and all my cousins showed up at her bedside...expecting to see a frail, sick woman. but, we were greeted by our nana. the nana that we knew and loved. the one that was wanting everyone to stick around and "fix" a plate of food. her human spirit shined when she had her family around.  she took her last breath a month later.

recently, i was able to witness that shine again.

mr. c has two adult boys. this is not the time or place to go into their entire story but, in a nutshell, they have not made good choices throughout their teen and adult years. because of these choices {and lots of broken hearts}, relationships have disintegrated.  that is...until now. a few months ago, our oldest {29} reached out to us and i cautiously reached back.  since, i have enjoyed weekly text messages over the months and a lovely hike with his friend and mom. he looks amazing and i feel in my heart he is on the right path. so, when he invited me to attend his drug court graduation and celebration of his sobriety and progress...i knew it was a moment i couldn't miss. my kids and mom were anxious to go too.  so, a few weeks ago, on a wednesday afternoon, we hopped in the car and drove a few hours to witness another human spirit shine.  and. shine it did.

there were sixteen graduates and a few hundred people in attendance. the audience consisted of those looking forward to their own graduation, law enforcement personnel, family, and friends. the graduates donned caps and gowns. they were hugged and received private words from their judge {an amazing woman}. they cried. they laughed nervously. they gave speeches. and. they shined. zach {our son} was second to the last. he was the only one with an actual, typed, prepared speech. beautiful words had poured from his heart on to the paper and, he delivered them eloquently.

i was crying before the ceremony even started so, by the time he stood up to speak i was a mess. all of the stories and the kind words were so moving. as each graduate took the podium, there mug shot was displayed next to a current photo. it was amazing how different they all looked.  {the cleaner spirits definitely shined more}!  along with their photos, was a list of all of their accomplishments and their sobriety date. it was humbling to see how much they had done and the huge struggles they had over come.  the graduates ranged in age from 23-56. some were parents. some were grandparents. some had lost their own parents to drugs.  they all had their own story and they all came from different backgrounds but, that night, they all shined.

i am so proud of zach. his story is not an easy one. he has had great losses in his life and has struggled to find his way. i'm in awe of his accomplishments because, he did them on his own...without our support. {his younger brother took all the support and energy we could give}. but, i'm honored to be a part of his life now and i'm grateful he wants this new start. my heart is smiling to see his spirit shine.

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