Monday, May 2, 2016

small space gardening

i am, by no means, a master gardener...or, even an apprentice gardener. but, i love it. i enjoy using fresh ingredients when i can and, if i can pick or clip from my own garden it's a bonus!

at the moment, i have tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, carrots, and onions in my raised garden.
{i just harvested the last of my radishes...which are very easy to grow from seed}. the carrots may never amount to much. i never had good luck with them but, cade and i liked to plant the seeds and see what happens. the onions i have sprouting up are from a whole white onion i just stuck in the ground! i've never done that before but, it's working. {potatoes are supposed to be just as easy...especially sweet potatoes}. tomatoes, peppers and basil always seem to thrive and do well.

we also have large barrels full of strawberry plants and sweet peas. the strawberries are pretty and fun but, we never get enough to do much...other than eat them as you pick them.

our backyard is small but, every square inch is utilized. {a pool takes up most of it. living in the valley of the sun...a pool is a must}. mr. c built me a raised garden {straight to the back} where i plant {usually by seed} all of the veggies. along with the garden and barrels, we have fig, lemon, lime, and apricot trees. i love the fig tree {on the left side of the picture}. it makes for a perfect view out my kitchen window.  and, the lemon and lime trees {on the right side} attract the prettiest butterflies that flutter all around the window.

bell peppers starting to blossom and grow.

no garden is complete without a garden gnome!

on the other side of the house, we have blackberries {above} and raspberries.

we have more apricots this year than we have ever had. however, i have a bird feeder near the tree and mr. c informed me that the birds were munching away on all the apricots. {he wasn't smiling when he told me this either}.  i'm torn on this one. as much as i want to pick fresh apricots...i LOVE the colorful birds that visit that feeder!!

although it gets crazy hot in arizona, we have perfect growing weather the rest of the year. lots of locals have beautiful backyard gardens and many have fully sustainable yards. i would love to have more but, we do not have the space {or know how}.  what i REALLY want is chickens! how great would that be to have fresh eggs all the time?! {although we can legally have chickens in the city...i was shot down on that idea}. so, if i can't have chickens...what about bees?!

happy gardening!

{great local gardening source: greg peterson and the urban farm}

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