Saturday, May 7, 2016

weekend wishes

{photo circa: 2013}

happy friday!
and, happy mother's day weekend.

this was another long, busy week. {i think i will say that every friday until june}.
the week was full of... 
mouth recovery {randi had all four wisdom teeth out},
buying our almost 16  year old her first car {we got a deal so, we got it a month early},
finding reasonable auto insurance for a 16 year old driver {not fun},
teacher appreciation week...goodies for all,
little league  games {we are ALMOST DONE}, 
end of the year party planning,
and, of course, a few gym visits and hikes to keep me sane.

my weekend will be full of lovely wishes...
we are hosting mother's day brunch. i'm excited to make my pretzel croissants and donuts...along with some other sweet and savory treats.
i really like this table setting and these ice cubes for the occasion. i also like this setting, however, we do not have yards like that in phoenix, arizona.

i think i will make these lovelies for dessert on sunday. {i love joy the baker}.

with the warm weather creeping up on us, i am in need of some new summer clothes. maybe a few sundresses, some fun shorts, and i'm loving the off the shoulder tops.  i am going to make it a point to give old navy my business. have you seen their new advertising campaign?  it's beautiful. hard to believe there are hateful, narrow minded people out there who have actually criticized the company over these ads. it's 2016 people. we are all humans. let go of the insecurities and just love. color, gender, race, doesn't matter.  LOVE WINS. ALWAYS.

may your weekend be full of motherly hugs and lots of LOVE.

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